The power of user-generated content: more engagement, more sales!


Real reviews

Show the values of your brand to an interested audience.

Profitable advertising

Increase your sales thanks to „real“ customer contacts.

Authentic content

Convince customers with word-of-mouth recommendations.


Draw attention to your brand

Customers buy from people they trust.



It’s getting harder and harder to draw attention to your brand.

Especially in the German market, customers tend to be skeptical of new products and services at first.

So how can new customers on the German market be attracted to products and services?


Customers buy from people they trust. Customers buy on recommendation. The best way to sell something is when a trusted person recommends a product or service.

This is exactly what UGC is: we create honest content and an honest review of products and services that we find good and recommendable.


Are you ready to take your brand to the next level?

Authentic instead of promotional

Real recommendation instead of cheap selling

More trust, engagement and more sales

If our UGC goes viral, you reach a large audience.

Customers who feel connected to you will buy more often.


Our toolset for your success – and for every budget.


  • Video: 10-20 seconds
  • Instagram Reels

With the help of targeted and authentic UGC videos, Instagram reels can be used to capture the interest of potential customers. Reels are usually 10 – 20 seconds. Additionally, the reel description explains and links to the offer.


  • Video: 30-60 seconds
  • YouTube or Reels

YouTube is one of the most used social media apps. We create YouTube shorts for your products or services. Short videos are perfect to convey clear messages with a lot of personality.


  • Video: 10-20 minutes
  • YouTube

Ads are recognized and clicked away within seconds. UGC videos counteract this. Give your target audience the content that convinces them to buy with UGC videos.


  • Video: 30-45 minutes
  • YouTube | Blog

A professional review arouses the interest of potential customers. The visibility and awareness of the product is increased, which translates into sales.

We create reviews honestly and independently. Consumer trust is our most important asset.


Video production & editing

Professional video recording studio

Scrip writing

We create the script for the film.


We publish the film in our profiles (depending on the booked package)


Mini & Shorts: 9:16
Presentation & Review: 16:9


If you have a change request after completion, we will make the first revision free of charge.


Delivery Time

5 – 10 days


Examples and results
of our USG video campaigns

Data: Blog Designers Inn, 04.23

Kunde: Meistertask

YouTube-Views: 68.247

Direct Gross Sales:  free registration

Kunde: ThriveCart

YouTube-Views: 2.416

Direct Gross Sales:  $11.935

Kunde: WebinarKit

YouTube-Views: 2.416

Direct Gross Sales:  $2.384

next steps

4 steps to your
marketing campaign

Do we fit together?

Not every product fits our target group. To make sure you invest your money in the best possible way, send us a short email about which product or service you would like to advertise. We will then check whether we are a perfect match.

Choose your Package

Do you want to increase your reach or get a professional presentation of your product. Everything is possible.

Note: A purchase does not take place yet. Only after we have checked whether we can meaningfully advertise your offer, we will send the link to the binding online booking.

Tell us your wishes & needs

What do you want us to present in our video? Based on your specifications, we will create your videos in the shortest possible time.


production & Publishing

We create the professional video. On the one hand, we use professional equipment in our studio, but we make sure that the video remains authentic.

We will publish your UGC in our channels, depending on the package you choose.


Booking request

UGC Contact
  • Contact
  • Topic
  • Packages
  • Done

On what topic would you like to have a video created?

Choose your desired package

No payment takes place here yet. Only after we have checked whether your topic fits our target group, we will send you a link to the payment form.

Your wishes and needs

What do you want us to present in our video? Based on your specifications, we will create your videos in the shortest possible time. Are there any special highlights you would like us to point out? What is the biggest benefit for your customers? What should the call-to-action be?


Your question. My answer.

Are the videos in German or English?

All videos are produced in German for the German market.

How do I order a UGC video?

Please fill out the request form in the first step. Here we clarify whether your offer fits perfectly with our target group, so that your campaign has the greatest possible success.

Then you will receive the link for booking and payment. An invoice will be automatically attached to the payment confirmation.

As soon as you have created your order, we will start with the production. If you have any questions or requests beforehand, we will clarify them in advance. Usually the production takes 5 to 10 days.

How much does a UGC video cost?

The prices of our UGC videos are staggered according to the desired video length and start from 70€.

Mini: 10-20 sec. = 70 €
Shorts: 30-60 sec. = 90 €
Presentation: 10-20 minutes = 340 €
Review: 30-45 minutes = 790 €

Of course you are free to order additional material, such as additional hooks, photos or the raw material. This is possible after commissioning the creator.

What can I do with the promotional video?

Once the final video is provided by the creator and accepted by you, we will share the video in our profiles.

If you wish, we can also share insta-reels as a co-author post so you can use it in your feed.

Of course, you can also share any video you like in your profiles.

What is user-generated content (UGC)?

UGC is content created by users of a product or service. The focus here is on sharing experiences. UGC videos have gained popularity because they are not perceived as advertising. The acceptance of such promotional content has increased tremendously as a result, which is why KPIs in marketing are improving significantly.