Web Fee – Web Site Cost Calculator


17 steps to calculate professional web design.


Website calculations are complex.

How much should a web site cost? This is one of the most frequently asked but rarely answered questions. For our app WEB FEE, our team of professional web designers and developers have examine the most important factors when considering web site costs.

Does your client need a single template or a web design, that must fit into a branding campaign? Are images delivered or do you have to buy licenses?


With WEB FEE you calculate quote – in 16 steps with nearly 100 slides! The basis for each calculation is predefined hourly rates: freelance, small business (under 5 employees) and big business – or your own hourly rate! Once you have created a quote, you can send it directly via mail to your customer. The easiest way!

Web Fee – Web Site Cost Calculator: Calculate hundreds individual components with WEB FEE, these include web design and website development costs for different components as well as content creation, data migration costs, licenses and seo.

Simply ‘more’

  • Calculations on your own hourly rate
  • Saving quotes & send them via mail
  • Site Layout Design design, premium, corporate
  • Calculate Licenses
  • Technical basis and hierarchy
  • Preparation of content
  • Data migration
  • Extensions (login, PayPal, printing, etc.)
  • Multilingualism
  • Blog, Newsletters, Mail, Forms, Forum
  • SEO & Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Evernote Sync
  • and other features


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